Saturday, April 17, 2010

S-F Goes to Canada

Next Saturday, April 24, I'll be a guest on "The Drew Marshall Show," the most listened-to spiritual talk show on Canadian radio. I like the show's tag line very much: "Living messy lives with a real God in the middle of it." (It could be my personal motto!)

I was asked to be interviewed after Grant, a regular reader here who's become a great friend, emailed the program about Straight-Friendly and me. While I'm extremely humbled by this, I'm also very grateful to Grant (and, of course, God) for making this possible. Please pray with me this week that something I say will encourage GLBT and other wounded believers to start making their way back home--as well as inspire all listeners to embrace everyone as equals in Christ.

My interview, slated to run 35 minutes, is scheduled between 2 and 4 PM EDT. Live streaming audio will be available at the show's Website:

I trust as many of you as can will listen in!


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Good Luck´re quite the inspiring, and inspired, messenger...Thanks be to God you can represent us enthusiastically.

Leonardo Ricardo

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Tim, I cross posted this very exciting NEWS!


claire said...

YEAH, Tim!

Tim said...

Leo, thanks for the cross post and boost!

Claire, I could hear that YEAH all the way up here in Chicago!

You both bring me great joy and confidence. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! I'll try and tune in via online. I'm in Californina but orginally from Canada, Ontario. Say hi to the 'folks' for me! haha

God Bless you!!

Cuboid Master said...

I will *definitely* be listening in, Tim! Or, at least as soon as Grant posts it. Congratulations!

kkryno said...

I have marked my calendar! How wonderful! :)

Tim said...

Anon, CM, and Vikki, you make my heart glad! It's going to be a virtual reunion of sorts, isn't it. I can't wait!

Blessings always (and welcome to Straight-Friendly, Anon),

genevieve said...

That's great news, Tim. I pray that many hearts will touched and encouraged.

Tim said...

Genevieve, thank you. Your prayers are greatly appreciated, and I hope you'll be able to tune in!