Monday, September 8, 2008


I am the LORD, who heals you.

                        Exodus 15.26

Bitter Water

This word from God came soon after His most astounding deliverance of Israel: the parting of the Red Sea and destruction of Pharaoh’s army. After watching their enemies drown, Moses and his sister, Miriam, threw an impromptu dance party on the shore. Alas, we know parties can’t last forever. Moses moved his people into the desert, where they roamed for three days without water. When they found an oasis, it only provided bitter water. Nobody was dancing now.

Here’s the Deal

Naturally, they were afraid. They had no map to the next watering hole. Their God had just tormented Egypt with plagues, killed its heirs, and vacated its throne and barracks. Turning back clearly wasn’t an option, yet no one knew what lay ahead. So here they were: in the middle of nowhere, following a man who didn’t want to lead them to begin with (and who was tongue-tied, to boot), with a God Who—from what they’d seen a few days ago—had a bad temper.

Unnaturally, Moses trusted the Lord for help. God showed him a piece of wood and when Moses tossed it in the pool, the water was fit to drink. While they lapped it up, God told His people, “Here’s the deal. If you listen carefully to Me and do as I say, you have no cause for worry. The diseases of Egypt won’t come your way because I’m the One Who heals you.”

Divine Healthcare

Following Jesus doesn’t spare us from life’s foul tastes. When bitter surprises threaten our stability and survival, however, it most definitely offers divine healthcare. Our God is a healer. If we wander into places that make us sick, afraid, or weak, we need to reach for his promise.

Don’t confuse healing with miracles; they’re not the same. Miracles defy logic. Healing relies on it. John connected the dots: “I pray that you may enjoy good health… even as your soul is getting along well.” (3 John 1.2) Attentiveness and obedience make healing happen. When we stray from that, our bodies and souls become susceptible to disease. It may take getting sick of being sick, but eventually we figure it out: healing from God starts with hearing from God.

Our healing rises when listen, trust, and obey God's voice.

(Tomorrow: The Mercy Song)

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